About Kelly

Hi y’all – my name is Kelly Alvarez, owner of UnderBellie.com. I am a simple midwestern mom who is living the good life in all honesty. I have a loving husband, two sons who are both working full-time, and a great collection of close friends with whom I spend many hours a week with.

UnderBellie.com is my outlet for expressing a wide variety of things learned in my life, and in particular things that are fairly unique due to my own Midwestern upbringing and Midwestern lifestyle today. Although I certainty hope that as many people read my website as possible, I am realistic in my expectations and thrive primarily on the simple fact that my musings are out there for the world to see, no matter how many people end up reading them. If thousands of people read my thoughts, then I would be absolutely ecstatic. If it is just a few hundred people, then I would still be thankful that my words are reaching an audience outside of my own personal circle.

Life is truly magnificent and something that should be cherished on a daily basis. And so hopefully my own personal life experiences will help you to make the most out of your own lives, even if in the smallest of ways. Last but not least: thank you so much for visiting UnderBellie.com.

-Kelly Alvarez