What Are the Most Attractive Qualities of a Penis?

The penis always attracts attention. Well, what else does a man need to know about playing hard to get? The penis is, after all, the most common item that people exchange. Why is this? Well, simply because most guys want something that they cannot have – a large penis. (Source: phallogauge.com)

There is, in fact, a ethically XKCD about this weakness at play here. (although a much more detailed ethically XKCD can be identified below) Deserve to be oblivious to this! Note too that girls are exceptionally good at setting guys up with exactly this selfish size study and then dropping those guys like a hot potato when they are done.

So in a nutshell, you should pretend to be oblivious to try to get a man to pursue you. If you are honestly oblivious, you can’t fake it too much.

Get him excited (hint), then kill your excitement

NBC News recommends, when you hardly know a guy, it’s absolutely crucial that you get him excited initially. When people think of a relationship, the first thing that pops into their mind is that “he should love me in order to have sex with me” idea.

Bad idea.

As simpler as dude thinks it is, getting a guy extremely excited about the prospect of a relationship, before he has even met and talked to you, is virtually impossible. At least more difficult than it should be.

There are two main reasons for this.

First, when people first meet, first impressions last. You’ve often heard it said that you only have a short time to make a person like you-a few minutes, at most. If you make a guy mad with you, he’ll immediately have countless more thoughts running through his mind. And those thoughts aren’t good.

Think about it: someone falls in love with you because you’re funny and interesting and give them something that they want. DO NOT give a guy that kind of chance if you are going to play games, or if you are going to be elusive.

Source: medicaldaily.com

Second, men like and cherish things and people that are scarce. When you are very available, no one has a chance to appreciate him. But when you are scarce, only the right guy will take the time to appreciate you.

Have you heard the expression “rare collectible?” Yes, men are indeed fond of collectibles. In the early dating stages especially, don’t make yourself accessible to your guy at all. Don’t return his Calls Not Respond To Calls/ texts, calls at night, early dates etc.

This does not necessarily mean you ignore his existence. You’re just giving him a chance to miss you a bit, so he can appreciate the reward at the end of the game.

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Take a risk. Date guys who you normally wouldn’t be seen dead with. But, make sure that at the end of the date, he would have moments that he would cherish (and miss).

It could be going to a small dive bar in town, or showing up at a techno party in the middle of the night. Guys should be making a lot of effort in a lot of small ways to show you that they care.

During these moments, he will not only remember your existent activity, but will actually think of you a lot and feel affection towards you.

This could be the realization that he was actually right about you as a person, but had his limits (his Addiction behavior).

The Ex

If a new single boyfriend is on his way into your life, handle it with Care. Give him Space. Make yourself Precious in his life and in his heart. Not only are the best you’re giving him a chance to miss you, but the average Joe usually responds very positively to a woman who has a tough exterior but hides a strong center.

But, also bear in mind that many singles are naturally cautious in dating, as they still feel they haven’t found the right partner who only wants to be with them. And obviously just by being around constantly, that person can get to know you a lot more than he would if you’re espousing a quiet self- Presence and talent. So keep yourself fascinating, and he will be interested too. And finally, keep him on his toes.

By avoiding the cousin, the lunatic and the long-term commitment man, the dating game becomes brand new and so much fun!