Embracing a Christian lifestyle

Life is what you make of it, is a well-known saying that almost everyone knows about to some degree. Although I don’t know if there is any clear origin to that phrase, what is clear is that such a statement truly rings true for just about anyone who understands the meaning and value of life.

However, just because someone understands the value of life, that doesn’t mean that they are effectively living out a fulfilling life. For example, someone could be living out a wild life of sex, drugs and alcohol as a way to bring their life meaning. Or someone could be living a life that is only dedicated to making as much money as possible and spending it all on themselves almost just as quickly.

These ways of life are not living, and I only hope that most people can at least recognize this simple fact. But what is a life worth living? Although there are plenty of ways to live life well, I firmly believe that living a Christian life is second-to-none.

Christianity is a general belief in the Holy Bible and our Heavenly Father. And while there are various distinct factions of Christianity, they are all closely related and similar as a whole. Christians like me believe in things that are basically universally agreed upon to be good and wholesome. For example, we honor our parents and are greater family alike, and treat them with the respect they deserve. We also treat friends and strangers alike with kindness, no matter what the situation is. And we are always full of compassion, hope and love, and are willing to forgive those who may have wronged us.

When it comes to money and material things, having a Christian value system really puts things into the right perspective. While having lots of money may seem appealing on the surface, there is such a thing as too much money, and the Holy Bible teaches us to not overvalue monetary value and material things, especially when it comes at the cost of our family and friends, which are in reality the most valuable things in our life. Instead we rely on money just as a tool just to help us get by, so that we can focus on what truly matters in life.

And whether these various beliefs stem from the teachings of the Holy Bible is somewhat irrelevant when it comes to living a good life, when you really think about it. Since these values are universally regarded as good and just, the fact that we are living this way is what truly matters, regardless of where we learned to live in that manner. At the same time, there is no denying that truly embracing a Christian lifestyle will directly lead to living a morally just life, which is reason enough to start following the Christian faith and its teachings.

Although you may feel like you have a firm grip on life and what truly matters in it, there is a good chance that you are still not fulfilling all of the vast potential that your life has to offer you. So if you are even remotely curious and want to see how your life can be enriched to its fullest potential, I implore you to seek out the Christian faith and start incorporating it into your daily life.